Ahmedabad Community Foundation (ACF) was initiated as a pilot project in October 2000. It follows the broad principles of Community Foundation elsewhere in the world. The pilot phase was used to ascertain whether such an organization had relevance in the Indian context.

ACF is formed in the spirit of bringing communities together, raising resources for the long-term future, nurturing relationships and connections that build a sense of community. The ACF hopes to inspire people and communities to build funds and resources and distribute the same in the spirit of community for good and forever. With Volunteering and Philanthropy as a means, ACF seeks to act as a bridge between NGOs, Corporate Sector, Trusts and Foundations, Volunteers and the rest of civil society and achieve the greater end of fruitful engagement between different sectors of the civil society.

Today a well-established social enterprise, Ahmedabad Community Foundation is guided by the principles of

Sarkhej Roza

ACF has been working towards