In an effort to provide information to the visitors from all over the world about the Roza, research in it’s history was undertaken through the volunteers of ACF. As a result of which, brochures, bilingual information panels were produced to help the provide information while providing for an avenue for income generation to the committee’s Library and Publication Division.

Publication Division

Another strong partner for the Sarkhej Roza Committee has been the trustee of Centre for Education and Peace (CEAP), Janab Shahidbhai Kalimi. He has been instrumental in organizing of the library at Sarkhej in 2004 and opening it up for the general public. Subsequently, he has overseen the publications of many important historical books which were either out of print or wee available only in the Persian or Arabic language. Both the scenarios make it difficult of the general public to easily access the book. These books have since then been translated into Gujarati and published under the aegis of both Sarkhej Roza committee and NBS Depot. Many such books and documents have thus been printed to enable wider readership.


Parallel to negotiating with the Tourism Dept. to include information about the Roza in it’s publications, ACF thought that a website on the monument was required to be set up, in keeping with the times. This has helped tremendously in guiding the International Tourists to the monument which otherwise was usually left out of the circuit.

Visitors Needs

With Tourists inflow increasing to the monument from all over the world as well as from within the country, a need was felt to make information available to them about the Roza and it’s issues. The publication Division of the Committee sprung into action and printed books in Gujarati that were otherwise available only in Arabic or Persian. Brochures, postcards, maps were printed in English for the visitors whoudenrstoor English.