Early 2005 saw the Roza turning into a venue for a beautiful Violin and Cello Concert by French Artists in February of 2005. This was arranged by the Alliance francais in Ahemedabad. This was for the first time that a huge group of people were seen at the Roza. With beautiful and subdued lighting the monument looked magical.


A National level Mushaira was organized at the Roza, which saw leaders of all political parties attending the function. Over 10,000 people attended the Mushaira, making it one of the single largest Mushaira’s organized in Ahemedabad. The poets and artists came from all parts of the country and paid rich tributes to the pious ambience of the Roza. Philanthropists from the Muslim community came forward to help the srakhej Roza Committee to make this event a huge success. This event was also used to showcase the positive changes that had been made by AUDA.


Establishing Sarkhej Roza as a strong base for Heritage Week celebrations.
True to its strong Sufi traditions, it was thought fit to establish a Sufi Festival at the Roza.

The first Sufi Festival was held at the Roza in 2008. A performance by Khadija, a swirling dervish based out of the US performed along with Sufi singers from Rajasthan. This programme also served as an announcement to lunch the Ahmedabad International Arts Festival in Ahemedabad.

2009 saw another Sufi festival performance by ParvathyBaul from Bengal and a group singing the ‘Gurbaani’ from Punjab, initiated by the Ahemedabad International Arts Festival.

2010 saw a two day Fusion concert being performed at the Roza organized by the Crafft of Arts, this time in collaboration with the ASI itself. The journey continues….

2008 Sufi festival performance

2009 Sufi festival performance

2011 Sufi festival performance

2013 Sufi festival performance

2014 Sufi festival performance


2015 Qawwali Program

2016 Qawwali Program