The Sarkhej Roza Crafts and Womens’ Collective is an effort to create livelihoods for the people living around the monument of Sarkhej Roza with a focus of connecting their lives to the monument. The Sarkhej Roza Crafts & Women’s Collective is facilitated by ACF.

Community as a Major Stakeholder
It has been ACF’s belief that it is not just the buildings that need to be developed but the community living around the monuments well. Their development is intrinsically connected to the development of the monument. The community has been an important stakeholder in all efforts for the development of the monument so far.

The Sarkhej Roza Crafts and Women’s Collective draws its inspiration for design from the motifs found at the Roza complex. The architectural style of Sarkhej Roza is a precursor to the Mughal period in a true amalgamation of Hindu, Jain and Islamic design vocabularies and are a beautiful example of India’s syncretic culture.

The idea of the Crafts Bazaar first took root in 2006. It finally got off the ground in 2014
After the visit of Sheila Klein to NID in 2013 and a project took shape under the
Exhibition and Space Design Dept. led by Tanishka Kachru.

Artist Sheila Klein at the Roza demostrating crochet to the community women.

The Sarkhej Roza Community Project
This project was conceptualized in 2012 during the visit of Sheila Klein to Ahmedabad and subsequently to the Roza. Based on her series Hall of Architecture an effort has been made to teach the art of crochet to a select group of women interested in learning the craft.

A formal announcement of this project was made during an exhibition organized by IInd year students of NID that focuses on various aspects of Sarkhej Roza. The exhibition was held from 15th March to 31st March 2013 at NID, Paldi. Seen from Left to Right- Tanishka Kachru, Faculty NID, K.C.Nauriyal, (retd) S.A. ASI, Bhavna Ramrakhiani, Convenor ACF and Pavan Bakeri,

It is envisaged that a movement will be made towards creating a large sized art piece in the course of next two years. The architecturally scaled textile will be crocheted of vegetable dyed cotton. The artwork will be made in collaboration with artist Sheila Klein, students from NID and most importantly the women from the nearby community near the mosque. The material will be locally sourced. The hope is that the piece will be sold to benefit the monument.

One of the installations at the exhibition gallery of NID by IInd year students that tells the stories of the women at Sarkhej that they interviewed as the first part of the Community Project. Students exhibited close to 8-10 installations that were a part of their response to the Roza.

An installation of graphic design hanging from the celing that depicted the stone jallis of the Roza slowly graduating into crochet motifs.

The amazement at ‘What is possible with Crochet’…..the expression and the beauty!

Additionally, the women are being trained to create souvenirs whose designs will be inspired by the motifs of the monument. These will be sold at various outlets in the city. This [art of the project is already underway and the women are being trained since December 2013. The Sarkhej Roza Crafts and Womens’ Collective consists of women and girls from underprivileged backgrounds and belong to the Muslim community.

Besides paying for the labour, the proceeds of this product will also be spent for the legal advice and training to members of the group; and educational facilities for the children of mothers who are members of this group.

Ms. Esther David inaugurating the launch of webstore in December 2015

Ms. Afroz Munshi, Trustee, Sarkhej Roza Crafts & Women’s Collective giving a talk at the launch of the Online Store.

Mr. Ashoke Chatterjee, vieweing the products made by the Sarkhej Roza Crafts and Women’s Collective.

The crochet products are available in categories of Home Linen, Office Stationery and Accessories

Mr. Ashoke Chatterjee interacting with the women of the collective at the launch of the webstore .

Ms. Vijaya Sheth presenting a certificate to a student

The Graduating group with their certificates.